An 8 week group coaching program to help you live in flow with your menstrual cycle

Starts 21 January 2019

Ready to reclaim your feminine power and find your flow?

You’re here because you’re ready to embrace your cycle and start living in flow with your natural rhythm.

You’re done with feeling like you’re always pushing, hustling, and striving for ‘success’ at all costs.

You’re curious about how flowing with the seasons of your cycle can help you create the life you desire.

You know that there’s a more embodied and intuitive way to live.

Most of us aren’t taught to understand, let alone celebrate, our cycles. We grow up feeling disconnected from our menstrual cycles and our intuition. We live in a constant state of overwhelm and stress, feeling like there’s not enough time to rest or even slow down. We ignore the messages our body is sending, in a futile attempt to keep up with the relentless pace of a society that values outcomes and productivity.

Maybe, like me, you spent years on hormonal contraception and are feeling the call to heal your body and reconnect with your sacred cycles.

The truth is that your cycle holds the keys to thriving health, profound creativity, sustainable energy and vibrant joy. When you’re disconnected from the wisdom of your cycles, you can suffer through years of premenstrual challenges, period pain, mood swings and burnout thinking that there’s no other choice.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you live in harmony with your cycle, you can:


  • Heal premenstrual difficulties (such as cramps, mood swings and acne), period pain, and irregular cycles
  • Learn to pace your energy and liberate yourself from the cycle of burnout
  • Amplify your creativity, intuition and productivity
  • Experience more joy, flow and ease in every area of your life
  • Sync your self care, work, and social life with the seasons of your cycle
  • Use your cycle as a tool to access clarity, take aligned action and manifest your desires

Society would have us believe that having a period is an inconvenience, and that being ‘feminine’ is a weakness. We constantly compare ourselves to men, finding ourselves lacking in a society and work culture that reveres the masculine. But the truth is we have a 28-30 day cycle, and men only have a 24 hour cycle!


As a woman, you get to reclaim your innate feminine power and redefine what success means to you.


When you tune into the cycles of your body, you can live life from a place of profound harmony, creativity and flow. You’ll develop a deep understanding of yourself, and what you need in order to thrive. The more intimately you come to know the language of your body, the more you can embody the most vibrant, powerful version of yourself.

Cycle awareness is about so much more than just falling in love with your cycle.


This group coaching program will guide you home to your Self and connect you back to the beauty of being a woman.


Ready to live in harmony with your cycle?

Payment plan option available

Here’s a taste of what we’ll explore over these 8 weeks together:

    Understand your Cycle

    • An introduction to cycle awareness, and how it can transform your life
    • An in-depth exploration of the four Inner Seasons, or phases, of your cycle
    • What’s happening in your body during your menstrual cycle
    • Why your cycle is a powerful feedback system, and how to interpret what your body is telling you
    • How to start tracking your own cycle


    Flow with your Cycle

    • Self care practices for each Inner Season
    • How to sync your exercise and nutrition with your cycle
    • Navigating your premenstrual phase with ease
    • Why, and how, to embrace rest during your period
    • How to harness the phases of your cycle for more productivity, ease and success in all areas of your life
    • How to pace your energy throughout your cycle to avoid burnout
    • Rituals for each phase of your cycle


    Rewrite Your Story, Reclaim Your Power

    • Explore collective stories around femininity and the menstrual cycle
    • Learn to clear any limiting beliefs that are preventing you from embracing your cycle, your femininity and your innate power
    • Remembering the ancient wisdom of our cycle
    • Rituals to reconnect you with your sacred feminine energy
    • Tools for rewriting your story and manifesting the cycle and life you desire
    • Redefining success for more joy and slow
    • Celebrating the gifts of the feminine


    • How your emotional health can profoundly affect your cycle
    • How to navigate your Inner Critic, especially in your premenstrual phase
    • The gifts of the premenstrual Wild Woman, and what she can teach you
    • Tools to move through your emotions in a healthy and productive way
    • How to identify and support yourself through emotionally tender points in your cycle
    • Why your emotions are feedback, and how to use them to your advantage
    • Radical self care: the art of setting boundaries and saying no


    Amplify your Creativity & Productivity

    • How to harness your superpowers in each phase of the cycle for more creativity and productivity
    • How your cycle mirrors the creative process
    • Cyclic practices to help you access more clarity and insight, and connect deeply with your sense of purpose
    • How to sync your projects/business/work with your cycle for optimal ease and success
    • How to activate your womb wisdom and deepen your connection to your intuition
    • The connection between your womb, your sacral chakra and your creativity
    • Creative play to reconnect you with your innate creative power

      You’ll receive:


      • Weekly audio, video and written content, delivered to your inbox
      • Eight weekly group coaching calls (the calls will be recorded)
      • One 60 minute 1:1 coaching call with me
      • Access to me on Voxer (audio messaging) for the duration of the coaching program
      • Resources such as worksheets, meditations, and printable guides to support you on your journey
      • Bonus video interviews with some amazing guest teachers!
      • Access to an intimate Facebook community where you can connect with one another, and share insights and breakthroughs. I’ll be active in the group each day to support you!

      Cycle awareness isn’t just another practice to add to your to-do list. It’s an embodied, liberating way of life. When you dance with the rhythm of your cycle, you’ll experience more joy, flow and success in every area of your life.


      You’ll be more creative and productive at work, your relationships and health will thrive, and you’ll feel profoundly connected to your body and your intuition.


      Living in flow with your cycle will guide you home to the truth of who you are, and to the powerful woman you were born to be.


      This is the medicine you’ve been searching for.


      Ready to find your flow?

      Payment plan option available


      How is the coaching program delivered?

      You’ll receive the content weekly, in your inbox. The group calls, and your 1:1 coaching call will be held via Zoom and recorded for you. There is also a Facebook community where you can connect with, and support, the other women participating.

      What if I don’t have a Facebook account. Can I still participate?

      Yes, you can! You’ll still receive all the content via email each week, and have access to the live calls. You’ll just miss out on the community element of the coaching program, and the day to day support within the group.


      How much time do I have to invest each week?

      It’s really up to you! I suggest setting aside at least 3 hours per week to absorb all the content and put it into practice, along with an hour for the weekly live call. This isn’t a course where you’re simply reading and listening to information. It’s an interactive coaching program, and the more you put in, the more you’ll receive.


      Do I have to be tracking my cycle to participate?

      Not at all. This challenge is open to anyone who is feeling curious about cycle awareness and wanting to develop a deeper intimacy with their cycle.

      Do you offer refunds if I change my mind?

      There are no refunds or transfers available. This is a limited intake program, so once you’ve enrolled the spot is yours! 

      What currency does the price display?

      All prices are in Australian dollars.

      Can I participate if I have an irregular cycle, or cycle related health challenges?

      Absolutely! Woman in Flow will teach you how to live in flow with your cycle (however that looks). There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ cycle, and you’ll be able to implement the teachings of this program no matter how longer or short your cycle is. The tools you learn will help you to listen closely to your body, and glean powerful insights that will support you on your health journey.


      Will this coaching program be useful for me if I don’t have a cycle? e.g. pregnant, breastfeeding, experiencing amenhorrea, postmenopausal?

      Some of the content of this coaching program will be relevant to all women, cycling or not. However, a large part of the curriculum involves working with the four phases of the menstrual cycle (including ovulation and menstruation). If you’re not currently experiencing a cycle, this may not be the right program for you at this time. I do also offer 1:1 coaching options, where I can tailor my support to suit your needs.

      Will this coaching program run again?

      At this stage, I’ll likely run it again mid 2019. However, this could change!

      I have another question…

      I’d be happy to answer it! Email me at hello(at)

      Testimonials from Past Clients

        “Beautiful Alisha, where do I start? You have opened my world to a portal of power I never knew existed, yet I now realise is the most POTENT & pure power centre a woman can have awareness and access to – Her womb.

        Before working with you I experienced irregular periods, exhaustion when it came to action within my business (I live my passion so this confused me), and thought it was “normal” to experience period pain. Since working with you’ve Ive been able to connect into the power within my womb & the different energy phases of my cycle.

        This has relieved my period pain (wow!!), AND allowed effortless flow and action in my business and life!! It has also allowed me to tap into the stage of my cycle my “negative mind” comes in, which allows me awareness and to choose acceptance and non-judgement instead.

        And most importantly and potently, I feel EMPOWERED by my ability to bleed as a female!! Prior to this I felt shame and guilt, dirty and like I had to hide it away. Instead, I’m now able to EMBODY my femininity as a whole!!!

        Alisha, you hold such a gentle, knowledgeable, intuitive and safe space for your clients as they journey through something that can be intimate and unknown. My body, life and business are more joy filled; full bodied, dynamic yet gentle, and completely whole from working with you and the gift and grace you share with the world. Thank you lovely, I truly feel EVERY WOMAN needs this in their life!”



        “Our womb is so so sacred for us women. I have learnt so much through Alisha’s insight about the information our womb holds and how we can connect deeper within ourselves and the woman around us. If you are searching to learn more about your cycle as a woman, you are in such safe, healing hands. Alisha, you are a pure blessing to our generation of Woman. Guiding us back home to our femininity, our sacred space.”

        LILY paterson-humphries


        “Alisha is so heart centred, her whole self is invested in listening, hearing you, meeting you wherever you’re at in your cycle awareness journey and giving unconditional support and love.

        Alisha finds a way to touch on the things we never knew we needed to know, she holds so much open safe space and wisdom about our cycles, she honours that they are part of holistic wellness and offers resources and guidance to best support our bodies, minds, souls and spirit throughout each season of our cycle. She has taught me how to tap into my inner wonder woman and embrace the gifts of each season. I could LITERALLY rave on forever, I love this girl and what she is offering the world, this work is revolutionary and so so important!”

        KalYA thomson dudding


        “Alisha has taught me so much about my cycle, how to honour my body & my monthly energy. She has guided me through each season and actually given me permission to step in to flow, honour my body and not be resentful of any other energy than my “superwoman” phase. I had no idea the gifts that awaited me when I actually slowed down and took some time to go inwards. Knowing now what I know about our cyclic energy, I have learned to structure my life and business by MONTH, rather than day. I have stepped away from beating myself up for not being “on” all the time, and now allow more intuition, guidance, joy, play and creativity which has changed and enhanced the way I run my business. Not only that, but honouring my body has actually improved my cramps and symptoms around my period – no longer accepting pain as normal, but a sign of where I maybe wasn’t honouring myself in the month that passed. Overall, I am much more aware & in tune with the magic of my body and I have Alisha to thank for this!”

        KIRSTen Morrison

        About Alisha

        My mission is to help women connect with their menstrual cycles so that they can heal health challenges, tap into their innate feminine power and thrive in all areas of their lives!

        After seven years of being on the pill, I reached a point in my wellness journey where it no longer felt in alignment to suppress my body’s natural cycles. I saw other women embracing and embodying their feminine power in a beautiful way, and I yearned to experience that in my own life. The years following were a rollercoaster ride of awful skin, long cycles, seemingly endless PMS and no ovulation. 

        Nurturing a sacred relationship with my womb and menstrual cycle completely shifted this, and changed my life for the better. Not only did it heal my cycle, it transformed the way I run my business, the way I take care of myself, my relationships, my creativity… I feel more alive, embodied and powerful than ever before. And I want that for you, too.


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        Ready to reclaim your feminine power?

        Payment plan option available