Womb Awakening Meditation Album


Your womb is a divine portal of creative power.

She is the fertile ground from which your dreams and creations bloom into being.

Her tides are the rhythms that guide your embodied experience.

She is the wisdom keeper and her alchemy is Truth.

She is a universe within you, a doorway to worlds unseen.

She is your direct connection to the Divine.

She is your greatest source of power, waiting to be unleashed.

These meditations will guide you into the temple of your womb to awaken her power and receive her guidance.

Womb Wisdom Meditation (11.46)

Soften into your feminine energy as you connect with your womb and receive her wisdom.

Womb Activation Meditation (10.17)

Activate the potent creative energy of your womb as you journey into her fiery depths and plant seeds of intention in her fertile soil.

Earth Energy Meditation (12.11)

Plug into the infinite energy of Mother Earth to clear your pelvic bowl, ground your energy and stoke your creative fire.

Allow and Release Meditation (9.50)

An embodied process for allowing and releasing emotions from your body so that your radiant energy can flow freely.

Creative Radiance (20.54)

Connect with the creative power and guidance of your ovaries and womb, amplify your creative energy and clarify your next steps.

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