Do you want to learn more about the four Inner Seasons?  Are you curious about how to start syncing your life with your cycle for more ease and flow? Are you ready to start tracking your own cycle, so you can learn more about yourself and your body?

Embrace Your Cycle will:

  • Introduce and explain the Inner Seasons; the four different phases that you move through each cycle

  • Teach you how you to start harnessing the energy of the seasons to create more ease, flow and success in your life

  • Show you how to support yourself physically, mentally and emotionally during your cycle and how you can navigate the individual challenges that you yourself experience


It includes a printable Cycle Map that you can use to track your own cycle each month, and journal prompts to get you started! By paying close attention to your cycle, you’ll become more aware of your strengths and vulnerabilities during each inner season, and learn how to support yourself for more energy, productivity and creativity (and so much more!)

The simple act of checking in with yourself daily is powerful, as it means you can make decisions that truly honour where you’re at in that moment – physically, mentally and emotionally. This practice has changed my life, and I know it will change yours too!