Find Your Creative Flow :: Feminine Rising Circle

Monday 17 December, 6:30 – 9pm

Cypress Terrace, Palm Beach, Gold Coast  (exact address will be emailed to you)

Tickets: $35

Our final circle of the year is devoted to creativity, play and connection! It’s an opportunity to hit pause on the busy-ness of the silly season and carve out a few sacred hours to delight your senses, connect with your intuition and engage in creative play!


Your womb is the home of your creative power as a woman. It is your sacred connection to the divine, and home to so much wisdom (if you get quiet enough to listen). Your menstrual cycle mirrors the creative process, and each inner Season gifts you access to different creative strengths!


We are all creative beings. Every day, you are creating your life – whether you’re birthing a business or a baby; creating a piece of art or cooking a meal. Your womb is where you co-create, birth and mother all of your creations. When you deepen your connection to your womb space, you amplify your creative power.


But how often do you intentionally activate the creative energy of your womb? When was the last time you allowed yourself to be creative, simply because it brought you joy?



During this circle, you will:

• Learn all about the connection between your womb, your cycle and your creativity

• Embody your innate creativity by making a piece of intuitive art!

• Learn to use your cycle as a tool to amplify your creativity, by aligning your creative process with the gifts of each Inner Season

• Learn to activate your creative power, connect with your womb wisdom and deepen your connection to your intuition through simple practices

• Intuitively create an essential oil mist infused with your creative intention, to help you anchor into your creative power in your daily life


Cultivating creativity requires remembering how to play – and that’s something that can feel unfamiliar or frivolous as an adult! In a culture that is so focussed on results, we learn to measure our success by how much we get done, or how quickly we hit our goals. Creativity for the sake of joy, presence and play isn’t something we’re taught to prioritise.


When you nurture your creativity, you activate the energy of your sacred womb and reawaken your connection to the feminine.


When you take the time to immerse yourself in a creative task without expectation, that creative energy spills over into the rest of your life in a powerful way! This circle is an opportunity to explore your own creative potential, embrace play, and connect with like-minded women.


Feminine Rising is a community for women who want to live in harmony with their menstrual cycles, and embrace their innate feminine wisdom. During our monthly circles, we’ll empower you to deepen your connection with your own inner rhythm and heal your relationship with your cycle.

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