Feminine Rising Women’s Circle



Tuesday 21 May • 6.30 – 9pm

Cypress Terrace, Palm Beach

Tickets: $39

Feminine Rising is a sisterhood of women who want to return to the wisdom of their wombs, embrace their sacred cycles and reclaim their feminine radiance.

Each month we gather to receive wisdom offerings, explore embodiment practices and connect with like-minded sisters. In past circles we’ve explored topics including: the four Inner Seasons of the menstrual cycle, navigating your premenstrual phase, the feminine creative power of your womb and menstrual cycle, practices for navigating your emotions and deepening your connection to your intuition.


MAY CIRCLE • Harnessing the Creative Energy of Your Womb and Ovaries


During our this month’s circle, you’ll discover how both your womb and your ovaries can support powerful – and sustainable – creative flow in your life.

Women are innately creative. Our bodies are designed to nourish and birth new life; drawing energy in and expressing it out into the world. We channel Shakti – the divine and dynamic feminine life-force energy that fuels all creation – through our bodies, using it to nourish our unique creative expression.

The key to your creative radiance is learning how to dance between the masculine and the feminine, doing and being, expressing and receiving. The energies of your womb and ovaries play important energetic – and of course, biological – roles in your creative expression. The ovaries support you in alternately receiving and expressing energy, while the womb nourishes and manifests your creative seeds.

If the energy of your womb or either of your ovaries is depleted, blocked or stagnant; that imbalance will impact both the health of your pelvic bowl and your creative vitality. When the energy in your pelvic bowl is balanced and flowing, your creative fire will burn brightly! You’ll dance between the masculine and feminine with ease, creating in a sustainable way that allows you to breathe life into your projects and replenish your own energy.

The evening will include a guided meditation, wisdom offering, embodiment practices; and time to connect and share with one another.

You can also join our online Feminine Rising community HERE.