Option 1: Gold Coast, Australia

3pm ‐ 5pm AEST, Saturday 20 February

WHERE: Currumbin Waters


Option 2: Online Circle

11am ‐ 1pm AEST, Sunday 21 February

WHERE: Zoom. Convert to your timezone here.


Join me in circle for the first women’s temple of the year! 


This month you’ll experience a sacred womb medicine journey, where you’ll be guided to unlock the wisdom of your womb and ovaries.


Your womb space is the centre of your creative power and life force energy, and can also be home to old emotions or stagnant energy that is preventing you from feeling like your most radiant, powerful self.


During this circle, you’ll experience a movement and breath practice to bring you out of your head and into your body, before you’re guided through a womb medicine journey (similar to a guided meditation or visualisation) to clear and awaken your womb.


During previous womb medicine journeys, others have experienced:

  • Healing their relationship with their womb/cycle
  • Tapping into their creative energy and receiving inspired ideas
  • Releasing trapped emotions
  • A newfound connection with their body’s wisdom and guidance
  • Ancestral and past life healing
  • Connecting with the souls of future children
  • PMS and period pain improve in the months following


Womb medicine is a sacred homecoming, reconnecting you to the wisdom within.


I highly recommend Alisha to anyone who may need to reconnect and remember the wisdom with their bodies.”


“I know now that I am much more creative & powerful than I thought!”


“This is a journey of self trust and self healing which sets you free and brings so much awareness and wisdom to your life.”


“My period just started and I have much less pain and more energy than usual! I can’t believe this is happening.”

(Note: This workshop is open to all who identify as women and/or womb holders. You don’t have to have a physical womb or ovaries to attend this experience, as we’ll be working with the energetic signature of these centres rather than the physical body.)