Cycle Coaching – Single Sessions



Individual cycle coaching sessions are tailored to your individual needs and intentions. You may want to focus specifically on your physical, emotional, energetic or creative wellbeing; or a combination of a few areas. These sessions can support you wherever you are on your cycle journey, whether you are completely new to menstrual cycle awareness or have been exploring the wisdom of your womb for many years!


Some of the areas we can explore together include: 

Menstrual Cycle Education: Understand the changes occurring in your body throughout the inner seasons of your menstrual cycle and how they influence the way you feel; including your energy levels, focus, emotions, creativity, resilience and more.

Hormone Health: Learn to optimise your hormonal health through personalised nutrition and lifestyle habits. Investigate the root cause of health challenges such as PMS, period pain, irregular or missing periods, long or short cycles, and fatigue. I can also offer support with endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, cysts and adenomyosis.

Womb Wisdom: Explore menstrual cycle awareness as a spiritual practice and connect with your womb as a source of intuition, creativity and power. This may include energy healing, guided womb shamanic journeys and other rituals.

Align with Your Cycle: Learn how to weave cyclical planning throughout your self-care, family life, social calendar, work/business and more. Release patterns of overdoing and burnout in favour of a rhythm that is sustainable for your body and nourishes your feminine spirit.

Creative Expression: Nourish your creative energy and tap into the natural creative momentum of your menstrual cycle. Learn to work with the gifts and challenges of each inner season to bring your bold, beautiful visions to life. This can support both personal goals and business projects.

Cyclical Business: Take a cyclical approach to your business to enrich your creativity, productivity and leadership skills; and deepen your intuition and visioning gifts. Learn to work in a regenerative way that allows you to feel nourished, inspired and fulfilled.

Cyclical Living: Explore the relationship between your menstrual cycle, the seasons of the earth, creative cycles, phases of the moon and the season of life you’re moving through. Deepen into the art of cyclical living by learning to dance with your inner and outer cycles, and honour the season you’re in.

Initial Coaching Session Includes:

  • x1 90 minute coaching session held on Zoom
  • In-depth pre-session questionnaire
  • Post-session email with a detailed summary, action steps and personalised resources
  • Option to send Alisha two follow-up emails within two weeks of your session

$220 AUD


Follow-Up Sessions Include:

  • x1 60 minute coaching session held on Zoom
  • Post-session email with a detailed summary, action steps and personalised resources
  • Option to send Alisha two follow-up emails within two weeks of your session

$160 AUD

3 Session Package:

  • x1 90-minute initial session and x2 60 minute follow-up sessions held on Zoom
  • Post-session emails with a detailed summary, action steps and personalised resources
  • Option to send Alisha two follow up emails after each session

Valid for 6 months from date of purchase

$490 AUD (save $50) 

Wondering if cycle coaching is right for you? You can book a free 15-minute consultation call here.

Looking for a deeper level of support? Learn more about my 3-month cycle coaching journey here.

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Alisha Kruger is a holistic menstrual cycle coach and womb healing guide.

She supports women in discovering the wisdom of their menstrual cycles and deepening into reverent relationship with their wombs.

Alisha is a certified Menstruality Mentor, Women’s Hormonal Health Coach, Integrative Womb Hara Massage therapist, Holistic Pelvic Care™ practitioner and yoga teacher. She works with clients both online and in-person.