I hold space for women to reclaim their radiance through embracing their sacred cycles and embodying their feminine power.


For many years, I was was disconnected from my menstrual cycle, my feminine energy and my radiance. I was caught in a cycle of burn out; constantly overcommitting, overdoing and chasing success… all the while ignoring my body’s cries to slow down. 

I saw other women embracing and embodying their feminine power in a beautiful way, and I yearned to experience that in my own life. After seven years of being on the pillI realised it no longer felt in alignment to suppress my body’s natural cycles. So, I stopped taking it and begin my journey to reclaiming my own wild feminine.

Healing my body – and feminine soul – after taking the pill for so long was one of the most challenging and awakening experiences of my life! The years following were a rollercoaster ride of awful skin, long cycles, seemingly endless PMS and no ovulation. Because I started taking the pill when I was just 13 years old, my body had never had the chance to find a healthy cycle. Years later when I came off it all the issues the pill had been masking were still there, exacerbated by years of taking synthetic hormones and depleting my body!

Nurturing a sacred relationship with my womb and menstrual cycle transformed my life in ways I could never have imagined..


I became devoted to healing myself – nourishing my gut, balancing my hormones, and enlisting the guidance of incredible and knowledgeable practitioners.

What I didn’t expect when I began this journey back to Self, was that healing my menstrual cycle would help me embody more of my feminine energy, learn how to pace my energy and embrace rest, and uncover the incredible superpowers that women have access to when they become deeply attuned to their inner rhythms.

What began as a physical healing journey became a spiritual practice that guided me home to my self.


These days I’m in absolute reverence of my body’s wisdom. Cyclical living is an embodied practice that influences everything I do – how I map out my creative projects, when I teach workshops, how I nourish my body and what type of movement practice I choose on any given day. I now feel at home in my own skin and honour my physical and emotional needs in a way my 20 year old self never did!

Through the practice of cycle awareness, I’ve cultivated a deep intimacy with my inner landscape. My cycle is regular and mostly pain free, for the first time in my life. My physical, mental and emotional health are thriving. My skin is clear. I sync my life and business with my cycle (where possible) for optimal creativity, focus and productivity. My relationship with my body is one of love and devotion, not guilt and restriction. Movement practices and nutrition are intuitive, and cyclical. I honour the need to rest and replenish during my period because I now see it as a sacred time of renewal and clarity rather than something to dread and resent. I feel at home in my own skin, and the most alive, vibrant and creative version of myself I ever have been! It feels like remembrance. A homecoming.


I know many women crave this same experience but don’t know where to start. That’s where I come in.


I’m here to take the overwhelm and confusion out of your journey. To reconnect you with your Self and cycle. To support you back into full health, vitality and happiness. To guide you home to the woman you were put on this Earth to be – powerful, joyful, energetic and vibrant you.

Let me tell you a bit more about me.


I’m from New Zealand, and I live on the Gold Coast (Australia) with my husband. I’m a Cancer with Virgo rising (which means I’m super nurturing, creative and empathetic … but also a detail oriented perfectionist!) I’m an INFJ who is happiest when I’m dancing, painting, on my yoga mat, cooking for loved ones or watching the sun rise over the ocean. Travel is one of my greatest loves, and I’ve explored 20 countries so far! I’m also an experienced yoga teacher, workshop facilitator and artist.


How can I serve you?


There are many different ways I can support you:

Women can change their lives (and the world) by tapping into their innate feminine power. I’m here to play a part in helping women reclaim their menstrual cycles, reclaim their creative power and embody their feminine radiance – and I’d be honoured to support you.

Curious about 1:1 coaching?

Professional Bio


Alisha Rose is a menstrual cycle coach, feminine embodiment facilitator, Holistic Pelvic Care™ practitioner and creatress. She holds space for women to come home to themselves through embracing their sacred cycles and reclaiming their innate feminine power.  Alisha supports women through online coaching, Holistic Pelvic Care™ treatments, yoga classes, circles and events; and her free online community, Feminine Rising. You can find out more about Alisha and her work at www.alisharosekruger.com.